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As a little burrito, I remember making round, easy-to-grasp crayons from broken crayon bits in an old muffin tin. After saving most of Laurel's broken crayons until I had a small plastic container full, I decided to do try it myself using a dollar-store muffin tin. My local dollar store didn't have any in stock, so I decided to try it using muffin papers (better known as baking cups) on a baking sheet instead.

Many recipes I found online recommend making them in a 200-225 degree oven. My crayon bits were still firm after 25 minutes at 225, so I bumped the thermostat up incrementally and checked every five minutes until they finally melted. I got the quickest melt between 300 and 325 but the wax seemed to vaporize slightly at 325; I felt waxy steam when I opened the oven after the second batch was ready to take out. (The oven smelled a bit like crayons the next time I heated it up, but it hasn't affected anything I've made since.) Also, there was a small amount of wax left on the baking sheet under where I had used paper baking cups that scrubbed off easily under hot water.

crayon bits in papers, ready to melt

The first batch of crayon bits, roughly sorted by color, ready to go into the oven.

molten wax in papers

Fresh out of the oven, the fully melted wax was surprisingly translucent.

cooling wax in papers

By now, the wax is mostly solid but needs a few more minutes before being turned out of the papers -- the wet spot at the top of the pink crayon in the front row is from where I gently touched it to check on how solid they were.

freshly minted crayons!

Two batches of crayons, twenty-four in all, turned out of the papers and rubbed smooth along the edges where the molten wax had 'climbed' up the sides of the paper.

the box that was filled with stubs refilled with new crayons

Before, the box in the photo was filled with broken crayon bits. Now, Laurel alternately calls them circle or cupcake crayons.


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Dec. 1st, 2004 03:05 pm (UTC)
Very cool! I never heard of such a thing, though, I did like to take crayon shavings and iron them between two sheets of wax paper.
Dec. 1st, 2004 03:39 pm (UTC)
those pics made me smile. thanks, hon.
Dec. 1st, 2004 03:55 pm (UTC)
Cool Moms, Cool Kids.
You are one of the coolest people I've ever known. I love this.

I got your card today -- please tell Laurel her pictures are wonderful and Emily and I look forward to sending her more fun stuff.

Cool moms, cool kids. If you're ever in the New York - Long Island area, let me know. I think we'd all have fun.
Dec. 1st, 2004 05:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah! My mom did that for us when we were little... kind of. She took a mini-muffin tin and put our broken crayons in it, out in the sun. They melted together and were really cool!
Dec. 1st, 2004 05:34 pm (UTC)
Very good idea. We never did anything like that - we had a huge crayon box and it was full of stubs.
Dec. 1st, 2004 08:40 pm (UTC)
Ok, here comes a long response...
Your post and cool pix reminded me of a fave story. When I was a kid I wanted one of those slab-shaped, multi-colour crayons that I had seen at a store. You may have seen them, all crumbly, primary colours that would make weird, unpredictable, rainbow scribbles. Mom didn't like those and wouldn't buy me one. So, I decided to try and make one myself. bear in mind that I was about 8 years old at this time. I melted my broken crayolas onto a box in the bathroom, thinking that I would achieve the desired result. The actual result was that I caught the entire box on fire. Of course I had to do something about that and in my 8 year old mind I decided to throw the box out the window. This was on the third floor of the house. What I hadn't taken into effect was the second floor balcony outside my mother's room. Picture my mother, lying on her bed, talking on the phone when a flaming box falls from the sky and lands on her balcony. Knowing I was upstairs she called up "Douglas, what are you doing up there?!?!?!"

What was my answer? "Nothing Mommy!"
Dec. 15th, 2004 01:36 am (UTC)
Re: Ok, here comes a long response...
Every time I reread this comment, I laugh.

I have one of those crayons somewhere too. It was so pretty I never colored with it, but I have no idea where it is now.
Dec. 1st, 2004 09:34 pm (UTC)
oooh, they look like really pretty peanut butter cups!
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