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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Weekend recap, including a trip to Raleigh, casa de Gimmickless, and House of Wang.


Talking for longer than planned to the motherunit on Wednesday night pre-empted vogonpoet's cookies (gotta make 'em soon now! yum), but Thanksgiving turned out quite nicely.

The turkey roast (neater, smaller, and one of my comfort foods) cooked while I watched the 2002 DCI Worlds on PBS (talk about decent fare for once!) and afterward we sat down to turkey roast, stuffing, Parker House rolls, pumpkin pie and chocolate raspberry cheesecake. I forgot the spuds but it was still tasty _and_ I have more sweet potatoes for me! Muahahaha.

Much later that evening, darling Himself went out for the sole purpose of acquiring fudgsicles and a Sonic cherry limeade. He's so sweet.


Friday started with my then 6-day old sinus unhappiness leading me to call the on-call team at the base clinic. I finally found out why my assigned team wouldn't or couldn't give me an appointment -- I wasn't enrolled in Tricare (we changed regions the Monday after moving back here, but apparently we got disenrolled instead -- WTF?). Not amused, but we went on base anyway to drop off our birthday gift for knicole1979's son.

Afterward we had lunch and decided to hit Big Lots for most of our nominal holiday shopping. Himself must've had a wild hair up his arse because after this he thought it would be swell to keep heading west on US 70 and go to Raleigh. My knee became officially gimped after Laurel started screaming outside of Smithfield; when we finally found a safe spot to pull over, she shut up the MOMENT I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned around. Naturally, the seatbelt latch that always takes me 4-5 tries to get done up was placed just right to take the top layer of skin off my knee. Haven't been able to bend that knee since, but a compression brace is helping a bit.

Himself also went the long way around the Beltline, but we braved Crabtree Valley Mall long enough to acquire cleaner for Laurel's kitty from Build-A-Bear Workshop and pick up a used game at Babbage's. (Have to go up soon and return the game -- I can't believe that they would sell a PS2 game with a clear through-and-through radial crack, but they did and I will never buy from them again.)

Afterward we hit my beloved Edward McKay's and picked up a varied selection of cheap books and scored some real winners off the free rack -- including a Rita Mae Brown novel! w00t! Also found Elmopalooza! on DVD there for $12 and a few other Sesame Street videos for $1-3 each. I love that bookstore. Dinner at Sawasdee followed by a quick trip to the oriental grocery in the same plaza (plum sauce, dried squid, milk Pocky, chocolate Pocky, fruit beef jerky, and rice candy).

Going home was a little strange as we were close to a woman that sent off all the vibes of driving drunk (right down to weaving between lanes to beat even a Boston driver) but a little rest at one of the well-lit gas stations on US 70 fixed that. Oddly enough, we arrived home just in time for Law & Order: SVU. Velly good!

Sinuses were being more unbearable on Saturday morning and my knee hurt, so we kept it low-key. kenwestervelt invited us over for a fajita dinner, so we ran out for a bit -- the flea market on Wayne Memorial (note to self: next time, bring gas mask), a music store on Ash for capo-buying for his frill-lessness, and a brief stop at Wal-Mart whereupon we acquired a lime, an apple, queso fresco and a cat collar (for Laurel's kitty, which I had made a tag for in case it gets lost). Went home and I slept after medicating up. At some point celendis called and I said I'd call him back post-dinner.

I mostly slept through dinner, remembering the following: Ben's ferret, Spaz, jumping around and making Laurel shriek with delight, noticing Laurel had colored the guys' kitchen table with a pencil, and sleeping sitting on the couch while everyone watched National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1. Came home and went back to sleep. Yep.

Himself mentioned House of Wang, a Chinese restaurant in Kinston. I'd never been further east of Goldsboro than Elroy (not that far east of town), so it was An Adventure! We acquired a compression knee brace for me at the Kinston Wal-Mart, took pictures of the House of Wang sign (they were closed, poo) and had a light dinner at Burger King, whose on-package Simpsons trivia is weak.

After returning home, I hopped online briefly and caught celendis, who still wanted to see Die Another Day. And we did! It was a very silly movie and the theater was cold, but the popcorn was good and I chuckled a lot at the silliness of the movie. I think we had a good time, and I promise not to abscond him unless I get to make him eat cookies. Yes.

In good news, Himself had a followup on his arm this morning and was told his arm is healed aside from a little cartilage bruising. He'll be back to biking to work within the next few weeks, so he is a happy camper. We got Laurel and I re-enrolled into Tricare and are now trying to get the last year of dental going -- we did the paperwork back in September but it apparently got "lost" along with the region change and Himself has less than a year to his ETS, so it may not happen as planned. Blergle. At least I have a chance at getting into the clinic this month -- it'd be nice before any more of me gets broken.
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