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Adventures in (mostly) window shopping, a holiday gift for Himself and putting up lights.

Laurel and I walked out to the dollar store by our closest grocery store today as today's activity to Bless Our Hearts (FlyLady's term for daily exercise, since it promotes a healthy heart). I didn't find any of the things I had on my list, but Laurel loved browsing. She picked out a coloring book and water wings there for her to wear when it warms up in the spring and she goes "swimming" in the hot tub again.

Afterward, we popped into the grocery store and picked up more paper towels and gallon zip-lock bags, both of which I noticed we were almost out of when I was a power tool-wielding force this morning and installed the new wrap holder on the inside of a cabinet door and a pair of smaller holders (one for zip-lock bags, one for Saran Quick Covers) while Laurel yelped at the drill noise and cheered me on. While we were in the store, an old man greeted me with "You're a girl who looks like she knows where things are!" and asked where the juices were (which, unlike most things in the store, I actually know where they are!) and a guy who could have been mountain_hiker' brother asked if I had a preferred member card he could borrow to get the card deal on some soda. I thought about telling him that he looked like my favorite ass, but I erred on the side of caution. I should have asked if he was on LJ instead. (;

We also picked up Laurel's holiday gift for Himself at Radio Shack: a Talking Memory Frame. I'm not sure what recent photo of her to put in it (I'm thinking the October shot where she's holding a handful of shells), but we'll be putting her handprint and possibly some shells in it sometime this week.

Earlier today I more evenly arranged the lights Vogon and I hung on the patio railing last night and Laurel oohs over them every time she sees them since it's a bit of a dark day. We still need to acquire a 9' outdoor extension cord and I'd like a simple timer so I don't have to worry about turning them on/off. Photo to come.

Tonight's mini-projects are melting crayons into new ones in muffin papers (takes 5-10 minutes in a 225 degree oven) and making banana bread muffins and bears to try out the new mini-pans Vogon picked up.
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