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What I did on my Thanksgiving weekend, or listening to Dino beats thinking right now.

Every time we have a holiday weekend, I get excited until it actually arrives. More than two days with him in the study and no lunchtime relief from Laurel kills the not-quite-joy weekends have for me.

Thanksgiving was blah. I wanted to try the FlyLady plans for cruising through Thanksgiving, he wanted to do everything himself. It ended up with him spending most of Thanksgiving Day cooking enough for a dozen people and being disappointed because Laurel didn't want anything except black olives and I didn't eat that much since I was having a bad sinus day and mostly wanted rolls, which I forgot to make ahead of time, and canned cranberry sauce, which is AWOL somewhere in the kitchen.

On the bright side, I watched Saved!, which was lots of fun, and The Terminal, which was okay but not a movie I'd buy. Well, okay if a movie that really dragged and got on my nerves with gratuitous product placement can be saved by the presence of Diego Luna and Vogon and I debating whether or not Benny Golson was still alive.

On Friday, we watched the remake of The Stepford Wives and the second part of the current Star Trek: Enterprise story (they've been running three-part stories lately) and shared a bottle of Veuve Clicquot later that night. Laurel got into my bag of horehound drops I'd gotten earlier in the week and individually dropped them in the trash, so I won't be having those again for awhile.

(Score:4, Funny) Laurel fell asleep before the end of the PBS Kids block and yelled after she woke up and it was no longer on because she thought it had switched programs mid-show on her with no warning.

After teasing me yesterday with a possible run out for a few crafting supplies, we went out today for lunch at Mimi's Cafe, which Vogon was craving. Laurel adored the plate with a bib, wet wipe and snack foods (a cup of Cheerios, a packet of saltines and an orange slice) that came out just for her, agreed to wear the bib (amazing), and decided she wanted pancakes before I'd even finished reading her the children's menu choices. Despite the nuts, I really like their Carrot Bread and will probably make a batch after our next grocery trip. (I'm pretty sure we don't have any crushed pineapple in the pantry.)

After lunch, we spent some quality time in Hobby Lobby, where I picked up all the DMC floss I needed for a new project on my to-finish list and some McCall's patterns I'd had on my future purchase list since they were on sale for $1 apiece. I was quite pleased with that, though I kicked myself for not having the aforementioned list synchronized to my Palm. We stopped in Garden Ridge on the way home, which was a mixed bag. It was way too crowded with both people and stuff for my taste, but we found some nice things -- Vogon picked up red glass stemware that matches something in the china cabinet, I found a reasonably inexpensive set of curlers that he knows how to use, and Laurel got a giant set of winter window clings she promptly put up once we got home. I replaced the roll of Dora the Explorer wrapping paper for Laurel's gifts that was unintentionally disposed of when we moved away from NC.

Trivia: Vogon and I both wrap gifts in paper that identifies the recipient or recipient group; he has a solid blue, nerdsprout has a solid green, Laurel has Dora, and somewhere in my household baggage is a snowflake print I use for my family and a greenery print I used for Himself's family. I've never bothered wrapping my own gifts since I already know what they are.

Look for more interesting stuff in the next few posts, particularly a photo of the midget with black olives on her fingertips and a scan of one of here recent pieces of artwork.
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