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Sept, Oct 2004 photos up, Laurel's "happy music", and ID'd a dance remix of Oye Como Va. No, really.

I got off my franny and uploaded the September and October 2004 photos to, though they're mostly underwhelming -- September is mostly Laurel with her new snorkel and swimming photos, October is about a third Galveston trip photos.

Laurel likes "happy music", but I can only take so many repeats of certain children's shows songs. (Yes, even Sesame Street since I haven't ripped my Sesame vinyl to MP3 yet.) Today's Laurel Dancing Music has been stuff from the 1993 Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? album, Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks and TMBG. If I'd been faster at grabbing the camera, there'd be a cut tag in this post so everyone could see Laurel shakin' it to "Amazing World" in a shirt, socks and the "princess" shoes from spasmsproject. I wonder if she's got the attention span to learn to dance; I bet she'd like salsa.

Awhile back, we heard a dance remix of "Oye Como Va" on the radio and Laurel really liked it. I hit the station's site and found nothing on their latest playlist, so I forgot about it until today when I decided to look for it on Amazon. It's from Tito Puente Jr.'s Greatest House Remixes. I'm debating buying it for myself for Christmas.
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