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Rush me and you'll get a lousy miracle.

I _really_ hate being rushed. I need to refuse firmly each and every time because I wind up paying when things don't. For example...

We went to Walgreen's before lunch because Vogon had seen tiny Disney snowglobes there that he thought Laurel might like. They were charming but glass (this is important) and Laurel chose one. After checking out, it was loose in the bag with a few relatively soft items and sat safely on the floorboard during lunch and the ride home.

I had set down the bag with our leftovers outside the door and was getting my key out of the lock, which requires turning the key back over a half-turn and giving it a firm pull, when Laurel started fussing loudly that Biko was going to get out. I was in the doorway and Biko was in the kitchen but I got flustered, left my key in the lock and purse hanging from the door (I keep my keys on a swiveling clip attached to my purse), brought the food bag inside and turned to get my key out to her whining changing to wanting her kids' meal toy. I told her to wait, got my key out and had picked up both bags when she yelled at the cat, startling me into setting the larger bag down -- crunching her brand-new snowglobe.

I told her to go to her room, where she proceeded to get into a box of oil pastels the nerdsprout left somewhere in her reach (another big wet thank you for that), threw a tantrum when I left cleaning up to get those and briefly suspend TV privileges, and is now whimpering and snotting while I tend to the minor cut on my finger I got cleaning up. She's going to take a nap whether she wants to or not because I am now thoroughly cranky and would like a time-out of my own.

On the bright side, I have horehound drops to enjoy after the bag dries out.
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