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"It smells like a wet dog in here" and other current Laurel phrases.

Laurel is coming out with some increasingly amusing lines lately.

She's getting much better with potty use and not wasting toilet paper. When she realized that her potty cup was not in the potty when she went into the bathroom this morning, she hollered, "Where's my potty?" I'll take any small victories where I can get them.

In proof she actually understands what we're saying to her, she uses "Don't say that, try another word!" on us frequently. It's helped curb her parroting of inappropriate words, but she usually says it when she wants us to stop talking in the car. Last week she used it while we were on the way on lunch, talking about something completely innocuous. *shakes head*

One of her favorites is "It smells like a wet dog in here." I'm not sure where she got it from, but it was funny yesterday because it was raining. It was just strange today when she said that to me while I was handing her a bowl of fruit for a midmorning snack.

A few minutes ago, she came out with "This song scares me!" while the Sesame Street theme was playing. I am even more confused since it's one of her favorite songs, so I assume it must be something visual that bothered her. (She runs off and covers her eyes during the opening of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss because she's afraid of the Grinch puppet.)
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