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Quiet weekend, pumpkin puree, link to acorn sqash recipe, and Hancock Fabrics holiday open house.

We had a very quiet weekend: a sweet Date Night at home on Friday night, a sleepy and snuggly Saturday (Laurel had a very good day with potty use), and a brief grocery run on Sunday.

Vogon tried on his tuxedo Friday night and is apparently serious about going out for New Year's, which hinges on my ability to find a babysitter. It's way more than I've ever done for New Year's and frankly, I'd be satisfied with a four-pack of caramel Frappucinos and some fancy frozen pizza.

He turned the pumpkin I didn't get around to carving for Halloween into enough fresh pumpkin puree for several pumpkin pies, which should be lovely. I've heard his pie crust is wonderful.

We have a recipe for acorn squash soup I'm thinking about trying, but then I saw solcita's post of mrdorbin's recipe for acorn squash with couscous and it made me drool.

If I make it out of the house this afternoon (hoping, but the living room needs my attention first) I plan to pick up bananas, cottage cheese to make broccoli-cheese quiche, and envelopes for cards. We may swing by Hancock Fabrics later today for their Holiday Open House: 99c Butterick patterns, $4/yard Northern Lights solid fleece and a 30% off write-your-own coupon for any one apparel or decorator fabric (read: the justification I need to buy some blue panne velvet with silver stars). Oh, the possiblities...
Tags: 306.73_relationships, 394.264_holidays, 640.73_shopping, 641_food, 646.1_fabric

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