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ObPlug: Radius toothbrushes

Over the weekend, we perused the toothbrush selection at our local grocery store because Laurel needed a new one. While discussing the relative merits of adult toothbrushes with Vogon, we wound up on the Radius. After I mentioned that everyone I knew that used one was a convert and the thinner, softer bristles were supposed to be great for gum massage, he asked me why I didn't have one yet. Price was the most obvious factor ($8-10 retail) but, as luck would have it, they were on sale and we found a nice purple Scuba among the few on the rack.

After getting home, I worried about the rather large head. It turned out not to be an issue in practice, although the website FAQ says many small-jawed adults use the kids' size. The soft bristles really were, too -- for the first time in a decade, my mouth didn't hurt after brushing my teeth -- and the Scuba handle has enough flex that feedback on how much pressure I was putting on my gums was immediate.

The bottom line: I'm so pleased with my Radius that I'm thinking about getting a kids' one for Laurel's next toothbrush in a few months.
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