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Laurel at 4.3: clogging the toilet, movie vocabulary, new shoes and food-scented bath products.

Laurel is such a girl sometimes. Now that she's gotten the hang of using toilet paper, she uses way too much and I've had to plunge the toilet twice in the last two days. It gave me flashbacks of college, only it smells much better here.

We rented Shrek 2 over the weekend. Laurel ignored it when we all sat down in the living room to watch it, but proceeded to watch it two or three times before we had to return it (two-day rental) in her room, where she glommed onto the songs. I didn't realize how much until she said "I like your sexy shirt, and I really like my sexy shoes!". I replied that she should try another word, like soft shirt and new shoes, which she interrupted with "I'm a model and I do my little turn on the catwalk". It took me a second to realize she was imitating Prince Charming singing "I'm Too Sexy".

Speaking of shoes, Laurel got new ones over the weekend. She fell for a cute pair of red Mary Janes, but we could only find them in larger and smaller sizes. We picked up a pair a size up for her to wear later and found a pair of brown t-straps with Winnie-the-Pooh on them for now.

While showering, I commented that her shower stuff -- kids' peach shower gel and cherry shampoo -- smells really good. She replied "I smell like fruit salad!". I wonder if there's a Febreze for people, because she smells really bad in the mornings with a wet Pull-Up.
Tags: 640.73_shopping, 646.7_personal_care_and_beauty, 649.62_toilet_training, 780_music, 791.43_movies, laurel

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