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Something to be happy about: I now have a key. Unfortunately, it doesn't work when it's left in the house. (I'm taking the Altoids tangerine sours tin out of my bag to prevent false keys-clipped-in noise in the future.) We took a leisurely stroll down to Vogon's work to get a quick ride back and let in. Whee.

Despite restricted dairy for the week, I'm doing all right at making up for missed meals. We had a late lunch Saturday at Dickey's, where Laurel discovered she likes mini corn dogs, and brunch Sunday at Benedict's, where I had French toast and lusted after the cheese blintzes the regulars next to us had. (They were so cute! As soon as they were seated, they kindly told the waitress they didn't need a menu and ordered. When their food arrived, they were delighted that the kitchen had split their order of blintzes onto a plate for each of them.)

Today we tried Mexico lindo, y que rico!, the new restaurant in the same plaza as Alfredo's on the northwest corner of Trinity Mills and Midway. We've never seen Laurel eat so much in one sitting. She tried both of the salsas they offered with chips, demolished most of a bowl of caldo de pollo, and had a small bowl of arroz con leche for dessert after announcing she hates raisins. (I picked them off for her.) I had a taco plate -- the carnitas were perfect, moist and savory with a little crispness. We both had bottled sodas, though I think she was much more excited about having her own bottle of Sidral Mundet than I was about having another bottle of Jarritos in my favorite flavor. I'll leave just what flavor that would be as an exercise for the reader.

Over lunch, I tried to explain the goodness that is atole to Vogon. He doesn't like thick drinks. I plan to make some this weekend after I take my last Levaquin and it should keep me warm for days. Our local grocery store only has the basic flavors of Maizena (yes, even I can be a lazy cook), so I think I want to make a trip to Fiesta Mart in search of the harder-to-find flavors. Cajeta atole sounds like sex for the mouth.


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Nov. 16th, 2004 06:59 am (UTC)
Hee hee... and I have a special in with them: The daughter of a good friend and coworker of mine is a manager there. :)

Eh, but I went there before I knew that. The last time I ordered the Sir Broccoli without even looking at the menu the waitress went, "Uhm... huh?" and ran off to the back. Apparently, they hadn't offered that as a menu option for a couple of years. LOL

So, now I just have a couple of eggs with their flawless Hollandaise sauce and jalapenos on the side. MMMmmm!!

That is my favorite brunch/breakfast spot in all of north Dallas.
Nov. 16th, 2004 09:18 am (UTC)
now I just have a couple of eggs with their flawless Hollandaise sauce and jalapenos on the side.

^^^^ read: is sitting in a takeout box in the fridge. Laurel and I took the English muffin out of it yesterday and had a very nice snack with strawberry jam.
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