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Enough Play-Doh! and musing about today's room project, Flying in the kitchen and indoor plants.

While Cookie Monster was singing about food on today's episode of Sesame Street, Laurel interrupted several times with the names of places we eat lunch.

Taco Bueno gave Laurel two of the usual toy, so she played quietly at her table for a full half-hour after lunch with blue and green Play-Doh. I really dislike the containers' difficult to remove lids and should do something about it for future storage since we have at least a half-dozen containers of it now. As the first time she's played with Play-Doh since getting the table, I worried she'd get some in the carpet, but I should have been more worried about the strawberry Kool-Aid she drinks there. I spotted both fresh and old stains of that, hit them with oxygen cleaner and am hoping for the best.

Since I'm feeling markedly better, today's room project is to fold the already-clean clothes and linens from the nerdsprout's room and wash, dry and fold the remaining unwashed items, probably 2-3 loads' worth. Bonus find among the stuff: a light blue hooded jacket that *should* fit me and has only the drawback of being polarfleece (lightweight, warm, possibly windproof, but it rubs my teeth the wrong way -- remember, I mostly wear natural fibers or blends with natural fibers). Hopefully being sparkly will make up for it. (;

I should catch up on this week's FlyLady zone missions in the kitchen, but I'll settle for what I can fit in five minute rescues today. I've already put the clean dishes up, so rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher are in order, along with a belated refrigerator boogie (time to clear outdated leftovers -- when leftovers go into our fridge, they get a printed label with the contents and the date, like "leek soup 11/10", and any remainders get tossed when they age out) and another thorough counter cleaning and hitting a few spots with the bleach pen.

Vogon brought in all the plants from the patio last night, so it's a little disconcerting but very nice to see green in the bedroom again as the windowsill and adjacent floor are full of plants. We're actually running out of room, so I'm thinking about bringing up the possibility of getting a plant stand for the living room, then organizing and finding another place to keep the sewing projects/supplies currently sitting where I'd put a plant stand.
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