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I got off my Franny and FLEW to work on the house today.

I overdid it today, but it's not so bad. When Vogon came home:
  • the living room had been picked up, vacuumed, and odiferous parts of the carpet Febrezed,

  • Laurel's table and chair had been de-ooked and the sliding door next to it cleaned,

  • two more loads from the nerdsprout's room were washed and dried (now awaiting folding, and maybe six more loads to go so I'm past the halfway point now),

  • a trash bag was ready to go down in the morning with trash from the same room and I started another,

  • another load of dishes were clean and I tracked the latest mini-fly invasion down to a coconut (don't ask) and eliminated it,

  • the box from the bathroom was closed, labeled, and sitting under a second labeled box with everything else being packed from the bathroom (I'm leaving it open to hold bathroom/beauty items from the bedroom as I find them),

  • Laurel's bed was made up with the bedding I washed yesterday and she was happily parked _on_ the made bed with a fleece blanket, crayon and paper watching PBS Kids after helping me work on the room.

I promptly crashed for a power nap with his blessing, but I feel less behind on the housework this week, had a bowl of leek soup (Knorr mix) that really hit the spot, and now I'm only a little lightheaded and having a bit of pain in my right kidney. Not bad for how much I got done today. (:

Laurel's drawing skills have made improved a full order of magnitude in my illness. Vogon chalks it up to me shielding less when I'm sick. I just think she's finally gotten something from me other than limited patience and a love of LEGO blocks.
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