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Plans for the bedroom.

I would start a countdown to Friday morning, but my sense of time is way too whacked for it. Thank goodness for cough syrup and water loading or I wouldn't even be sitting upright.

I can't bring myself to give up all of my FlyLady routines even though I know some have gotten terribly behind in my absence (like vacuuming *sigh*), so I've committed myself to making sure we have clean spoons and working on one goal at a time w/r/t the bedroom. Today I'm washing her bedding and scrubbing the wall behind the bed. If I'm up to it, I hope to move the full bathroom box out to make room for the potty.

Future plans include clearing the desk and area around it to set the computer in there up for her use, getting the remaining non-clothing items sorted and boxed, and finally launching an assault on the closet, which will be a modest walk-in once it's cleared. I'd like to put in one of those hanging day-by-day clothing sorters in there afterward, since I suspect picking out her clothes for the week once a week will make her life easier once she starts school. If/when I locate the TV remote for her room, I'm thinking about making a hanging remote pocket for her.

Edit 1605: there was enough room for the potty in the bathroom with the box. Bedding is in the dryer. The wall hasn't been scrubbed because she decided not to take her afternoon nap and is currently on her bed, no TV, no snacks until dinner. Now she's whining about how she wants Daddy and McDonald's. She can keep hoping on the first, but the second is not going to happen.


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Nov. 9th, 2004 01:39 pm (UTC)
If you make a remote pocket, I suggest securing it with upholstery tacks. I have one that I hang from between the mattress and box spring, and it would never stay in place without them!
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