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Possible gift ideas for my sister and a bunch of ALA posters I'm digging.

I'm looking for interesting educational catalogs, particularly w/r/t literacy promotion. After digging through the American Library Association eStore yesterday, I found some posters I'd like for Laurel's room and some cute gift ideas for my sister.

- Cat in the Hat
- Between the Lions (who Laurel and I both love)
- Guess How Much I Love To Read
- Spin A Tale (Miss Spider, who Laurel absolutely *adores*)
- ALA Celebrity READ posters for Laurel: LeVar Burton, Emeril Lagasse, Yo-Yo Ma; for me: Margaret Cho, Ani DiFranco, Melissa Etheridge (with a copy of Written on the Body, no less), Indigo Girls.

Gift ideas:
- READ ornament (this would be a good fit for my sister since she gave us personalized couple's and baby's first Christmas ornaments)
- Dewey Tea Cup (there's a similar one for coffee)
- Dewey Cat collar (they also carry dog collars in three sizes)

I might just give up and give my sister a Levenger gift certificate since she loves fountain pens but I don't know her specific taste (e.g., I would give up something of great value to me in exchange for a Sailor music nib).
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