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Still under the weather, lunar eclipse, and are those wires, or are you just happy to see me?

My computer's still a bit under the weather. It wasn't seeing the hard drives on startup, so I opened it up, used the vacuum to dust the vents and surfaces it could actually reach, and reseated the cable to the controller and drives. It's working again, at least for now.

Vogon took Laurel outside to see the lunar eclipse last night. I don't know if she'll remember it, but there'll be another in spring 2007 and I'm sure she'll remember it then. I didn't see it because I was drifting in and out of sleep while hooked up to the TENS machine. I should find a friendly local observatory so she can have memories like I do of visiting Seagrave Observatory with Dad.

Speaking of the TENS machine, I haven't had much luck with it for P6 acustimulation the past two days. I know my current flareup is due to air pressure (there's a mixed frontal boundary to our north) and the last one wasn't, but Vogon wants to try adjusting it to see if changing the frequency or intensity helps. I hadn't even thought about it; this morning when I got in a few minutes before the midget decided to jump on the bed (one of these days I'm going to puke on her when she does things like that after being told not to) I adjusted the intensity until my nausea started to subside, then looked down and realized two of my fingers were twitching in time. If I could think in Morse code, I'd have taken transcription.

I've been wearing a pair of electrodes since last night so I can hook up to the TENS unit as needed. It looks a little funny because the three-quarter length sleeves on my lightweight robe just cover the adhesive pads, leaving a pair of tan wires sticking out of the sleeve on either side of my arm. I told Vogon at lunch that I must look like an escaped mental patient in a robe with wires sticking out the sleeve and he replied, "Wouldn't the wires be coming off your head then?".


P.S. I am thrilled that next year was finally THIS year. I only regret that Mimi didn't live to see the Sox win, but hey, I'm sure someone told her the score. (:
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