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Finally, drug-free nausea relief! Or, better living through electricity.

Applying TENS to the P6 acupuncture point (also known as Neiguan or Nei Kuan) on Friday night worked like a dream -- after a few minutes' treatment, my nausea was GONE as if I had flipped a light switch. Turned the machine off after 10 minutes and it came back, but after another 20-30 minutes of TENS, my nausea was gone for the night and I just had a lingering headache from the sinus pressure. I've tried applying constant pressure either by hand or with a Sea-Band with some relief in the past, so it's off in search of an acustimulation wrist band.


The over-the-counter version of the ReliefBand (there's also a stronger prescription version) runs from $80 to $130 at most retailers, though I've found it for $75 at two places (AeroMedix and and on sale for $60 at Anglers Center.

Even $130 plus batteries, which run for approximately 150 hours, will come out cheaper over time than the phenergan or Dramamine I've used in the past and it seems like a pittance for freedom from the nausea that's plagued me as long as I've had chronic sinusitis.
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