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Kitchen shopping rambles and leaving tomorrow for our early weekend in Galveston.

We've had a lovely vacation week so far. We've mostly stayed around the house, watching movies and the occasional trashy daytime TV (court shows and cartoons), and getting caught up on household projects.

I got the breadbox I've been wanting for awhile, in cherry-finish pine, as well as copper hanging produce baskets. Vogon found a large ceramic bowl for dough rising, Laurel found a wooden alphabet puzzle, and I got a Belgian waffle maker so I can make waffles to freeze for easy breakfasts. (I am not a morning person.)

I am very pleased to have a huge Tuesday Morning store nearby, although going into The Great Indoors gave me a new Kitchen-Aid accessory to dream about: an ice cream maker attachment for their stand mixers. I need to do a lot more decluttering babysteps in the kitchen before I'll have room to keep The Beast on the counter, so it'll be a while before I seriously dream about it.

We're heading to Galveston tomorrow. We'll return on Saturday with sand between our toes and lots of photos.
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