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Plano library visit, latest movie diet, amusing troll, grocery trip and upcoming week = vacation.

Amidst errands yesterday, we stopped at the Christopher A. Parr Library in Plano. Their children's room is absolutely stunning and Laurel barely looked around before settling next to the Spanish-language children's books for half an hour. I briefly entertained the thought of finding an MLS program so I could become a children's librarian. (Fear not, I know I really just want to smell paper. I should pick up paper making to indulge that.) Off their new card information page: "Because of our reciprocal borrowing agreement, you can also use your card at Allen Public Library. because of our reciprocal borrowing agreement." *laughs*

I watched Y tu mamá también Friday night. The cinematography was gorgeous and the whole movie had that slightly self-conscious sense of absurdity that I absolutely adore in Almodóvar films. The short film in the bonus features, Lo me debes, was icing on the cake for renting the unrated version of the movie. It's been added to my to-buy list. We watched Jersey Girl last night. It was sweet, but not worth buying. George Carlin impressed as always and Liv Tyler was fine as long as we didn't have to look at her in a sweater. (She desperately needed a bra in the scene outside the video store.) Fellow Mr. Rogers fans should note that Betty Aberlin plays the teacher -- not a major role, but it was gratifying to IMDb later and confirm my guess. We started watching CHO Revolution afterward, but I fell asleep partway in (I was that tired) so we've put it off until later today.

Catching up on LJ today, I saw a new member of littletits -- by new, I mean they've never posted there and it was the first time I've seen them comment -- get their panties in a wad and sling the word "pedophile" several times to describe another member that said they liked women in the 18-22 age range. When I called them on the incorrect usage, they claimed sarcasm. Maybe I'll understand their incomplete sentences and dazzling logic after "I have double masters moron".

We have leftover beef stroganoff that was so good Vogon had it again for breakfast today to see if it was as good as he'd thought, a pitcher of sangria and several citrus fruits awaiting a hanging produce basket after yesterday's grocery orgy shopping trip. I'm thinking about making banana pudding from scratch tomorrow since they were on sale for 29c/pound and we have enough frozen bananas (whole or just the fruit, as two mashed bananas nicely fill a snack-size ziplock bag) for several batches of banana bread.

I'll be scarce online this upcoming week; he's taking vacation time and I have no idea what he has in mind, but I need to get some sewing projects done and this week's FlyLady zone will keep me plenty busy since I barely touched it last month and I really need to scrub around the bathtubs in both bathrooms. (We use the separate shower in the master bathroom and I didn't get to the tub when I deep-cleaned the second bathroom recently.)
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