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Digestive coup attempt, cold front, nice weekend, reward minute change, and things I'm thankful for.

My digestive system tried to stage a coup last week. I thought it was the uptick in my alcohol consumption, so I laid off drinking, starting last Wednesday. No difference. My lower abdomen starts hurting after 3 AM, leaving me in pain when I wake up, so we picked up Immodium on Saturday and it's sort of helping. It will be nice to get things like these Looked At after I finally rejoin the ranks of those with health insurance.

The cold front that came through Friday/Saturday also kicked my ass, so a lovely quarter-pound box of Godiva chocolates that Vogon gave me on Friday afternoon "just because" sat untouched until this morning, when I had a milk chocolate starfish with raspberry filling. I kept the ribbon, although I have no idea what to do with it.

There are other things I'd like to to blog about my weekend, but they've already fallen out of my head. We bought a lot of inexpensive cloth at Wal-Mart, rented and started watching another batch of movies (including Y tu mamá también so I can get my Gael García Bernal fix until we get the chance to watch The Motorcycle Diaries), and had a really good roll on Saturday night.

Now that it's a bit too chilly to swim, Laurel's potty reward minutes have gone from pool time to computer game time, so I have to remember to set the timer for her every time she uses them because she'll mind a timer beeping much better than me telling her time's up.

In no particular order, things I am thankful for this month:
- Vogon's ability to knead out muscle aches and pains, and apply TENS when needed.
- Flannel pajama pants.
- Waking up to a thunderstorm and snuggling.
- My birthday blanket. (I still need to make a post about it, don't I?)
- Laurel finally getting the idea that Using the Potty is Good.
- FlyLady missions to keep me on track with taming housekeeping. (I pick and choose the bits I read -- I delete about half the reminders without reading them and skip a lot of the testimonials.)
- Taking care of the plants, both inside and out.
- Sleeping with a kitty snuggled up next to me.
- Three back issues of Architectural Digest to read at my leisure.
- Registering to vote. (Yeah, I know -- it took me long enough.)
- Unlimited minutes to talk to The Moms, Dad, Amy and David. I love my family.
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