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Time to start locking the door, latest potty rewards going well, and sale waffles. Hooray.

Two of the nerdsprout's friends stopped by yesterday to pick up a few things she'd asked for. What they actually took was a bit more, but the important thing is that they let themselves in before I could get to the door, so we're going to start locking the door during the day and I'll have a housekey.

It's too early to predict whether the current potty reward (a sticker on the day's calendar square for each use, redeemable for five minutes per sticker at the pool, playground, etc.) is successful, but the midget's had at least three potty uses daily and no poop messes since we started.

Today is the last day for the buy 1, get 2 coupon for Albertson's store brand frozen waffles, so yours truly dropped $2 for thirty waffles (20 blueberry, 10 apple cinnamon). Laurel is thrilled and looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

There was more kicking around in my brain, but I'd like to keep packing up the nerdsprout's stuff while I'm motivated.
Tags: 641_food, 648_housekeeping, 649.62_toilet_training, nerdsprout

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