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You head to be there: Laurel is one evil cat and she wants new tags for the stuffed cats.

As I was coming out of the bathroom, Laurel said "Can I be a kitty cat?". She then put on a pair of horns (shiny red lame on a red fleece-covered headband) and started meowing. I had to stop her from going into the study, since she apparently thought she would be allowed in there as a cat.

In feline-related news, both of her Build-A-Bear cats smell much better after being sprayed with Febreze. This morning she noticed me picking up the remnant of the airline tag the peach tabby had worn on the return trip from Colorado and said "hey, Karma needs a new tag!". I forgot that her original Kitty had worn a tag (engraved with its name, and our phone number) and we'd gotten one for the white tiger, but she'd taken the collar off awhile back. If we get new tags for these cats, I think I'll tack them on with a couple stitches.
Tags: 688.72_toys, laurel

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