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Halloween costume and other miscellaneous ramblings.

Laurel picked out her Halloween costume from the Simplicity website (she'd point, I'd click) and we bought the pattern on Saturday. She's going to be Jessie from Toy Story 2 (Simplicity 4869) and we already have most of the materials, I just need to pick up a few notions, a skein of rug yarn for her braid, a couple of paint pens and a cowboy hat. If anyone knows where to find a child size red cowboy hat offhand, I'd appreciate it.

I figured out today why she insists on having water in her water table before she'll play with chalk -- wet chalk appears more intensely colored. I'm amazed I didn't figure this out earlier.

Sale cloth keeps calling my name; today I gave in to two yards of kelly green vinyl that I thought of clown props upon seeing it. It's going in the next package to my folks.

At some point, I would really like to have a desk or similar-height workstation to hold my computer again. I don't really miss the clearance-find desk I left at my parents', but the table I'm using now is so low I sit on a stepstool to use it and Laurel frequently pilfers the stool to use elsewhere. I suspect any change will have to wait until after we've seriously boogied the dining room, which I'd like to use for all the sewing stuff currently spread across a couple of rooms. I still don't know where I'd put my computer, though.
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