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Today's domestic plans and a You Had To Be There moment: "Come on, evil."

Writing things out in my LJ apparently helps kick me to get them done, because both of the breads were done by dinnertime yesterday. I should have written down "make potato soup" too, because I ran out of steam and didn't make it. I'll make another attempt tonight, since my plan for the day is to fold a load of towels after they're dry, thoroughly vacuum the living room (today's FLYlady mission) and either cut out some pattern parts and iron them to Pellon or put in some quality time doing needlework.

You Had To be There: after eating lunch, Laurel and I met Vogon at the drink fountain refilling our drinks. As he handed me my drink, Laurel was poky at heading toward the door with us, so I said "Come on, evil." She picked up her pace accordingly to catch up with us, but one of the folks sitting in the booth closest to the drink fountain gave me a bug-eyed "did I just hear what I thought I did?" look. Vogon was already past him and missed it, which is too bad -- he would have gotten a kick out of the man's expression.
Tags: 648_housekeeping, 817_humor, laurel

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