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By this time Himself should be safely back to Goldsboro. He left 'rado on Friday morning and, with 38 hours' driving plus stops, expected to arrive sometime Sunday. He called around 2230 Eastern time Saturday to say he was an hour out of Raleigh. Pobrecito.

Please don't ask if I miss him, since if it's not obvious I could beat you with a clue-by-four and you still wouldn't know. As usual, it's not like he's really gone since he always leaves bits behind.

Checking out a rack of booksIn non-Himself news, I spent $20 at Tattered Cover Cherry Creek today on a bargain find for me (David Eisen's kit Fun With Architecture, 60% off retail) and two books for Laurel (board books of Each Peach Pear Plum and Elmo Loves You), which I figure was a paltry price for the experience of seeing her overwhelmed by so many books for the first time in her life. She spent an hour running around the children's section looking at books (letting me read her a few) and at one point got so excited she forgot to turn a corner to go to the table where Gramma was waiting for her and ran clear across the floor, stopping only when she realized she was in a section full of grownups quietly looking at non-colorful shelves (mmm, computer books).

I've started a running list of places to go when Himself's home on leave for longer than picking up a car now, and TC's on the short list along with Sushi Uokura in Golden, the hot springs in Idaho Springs, climbing in Alderfer (or Eldo, mmmm) and the Denver REI flagship store. St. Mark's Coffeehouse is out since they banned chess players (boo) and the last White Spot is gone.


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Jun. 9th, 2002 01:21 pm (UTC)
a clue by four. that is too darned clever. look for me to borrow that one. ;)
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