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More strangeness: being woken up by my foot, fortune cookies and the cat winked at me. No, really.

This week is getting stranger and stranger. Maybe it's related to the start of school here? More bizarreness:

I woke up this morning to what I thought was the cat grooming my foot. I opened my eyes to Vogon kissing my foot. He said it was the only part of me not wrapped up in blanket. (I tend to sleep like a human burrito.)

Over lunch as Panda Express, we were reading our fortune cookie fortunes with "in bed" added to the end. I read Laurel's and told her "not until you're 18!", then handed it to Vogon to read. The fortune: "Your most memorable dream will come true." For posterity, mine was "Be tactful, do not overlook your own opportunities." Vogon's was "You are imaginative in using your skills," which reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer writes fortune cookie fortunes.

After failing to satisfy Laurel with fruit snacks (she'll eat them until she gets the trots and had her limit for the day), she made faces at me while I walked away from the table. Not watching my feet, I learned that wooden train set and toes hurts like a bugger. When I sat down to give them a break -- and I'm not making this up -- Biko winked at me, then came over and rubbed her face against my knee. I love that cat.
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