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Laurel notes: sunglasses retainers, recognizable drawing, ice, potty training progress update.

Laurel's had trouble not losing sunglasses this year, so we picked up a Chums Original retainer for her sunglasses. In addition to holding them more securely than sunglasses retainers we've tried before, they make her sunglasses easy to find if she decides to take them off in the car.

In the past month, she's started drawing things I can recognize without asking her "tell me about it" when she shows me a drawing: a cat toy on a string, a sitting cat, a lobster eating a goldfish (Spike, our blue prawn, eats feeder fish) and several airplanes (we live near an airport). I'll scan some of her best drawings in the next few weeks and stick them in a Gallery album for anyone interested in seeing them.

Out of water-conserving habit, I dump the ice from takeout cups after I finish drinking from them. Tonight, Laurel took my empty cup and dumped it in the sink. I was so proud of her I did a little celebratory dance with her in the kitchen and thanked her for being so considerate. A few minutes later, she took the stepstool into the kitchen and I heard... crunching. I went over and pushed the remaining ice down the disposal, then gave her some ice from the freezer in a bowl to play with.

Laurel had three successful potty sits on Monday, then failed to sit until after she started going Tuesday and today. I think this is linked to that we bought her Pampers Feel 'n Learn disposable training pants over the weekend and I forgot to pack them when we returned to Dallas, so we're using up the end of an open package of regular disposable training pants before buying more Feel 'n Learn pants. She really liked the Dora the Explorer pattern and had fewer soiled pants with them, so it looks like they might be part of the impetus she needs to become potty-trained.
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