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Final thoughts on mountain_hiker' party, Saturday at renfest, and cracking down on wedding prep.

There was more to blog about my exciting Friday night, but it fell out of my head in the meanwhile. It was fun to meet kitsunekaboom, wanderingrogue and zyrc mckavian, though I'm glad I didn't try an alien secretion. (Most Google results give the primary ingredients as Midori, coconut rum, vodka and pineapple juice. I do not like melon.)

With a little navigational help from mountain_hiker, Karak and I picked up Vogon's nerdsprout and had lots of fun at the Colorado Renaissance Festival on Saturday. I didn't go garbed since the dress my sister loaned me was way too hot to wear all day. (No surprise, since it was a Halloween costume. Next time I _will_ remember to pack my summer-weight dress.) I took around 300 photos, currently sorting down for quality and the best few dozen will go in a Gallery album later this week. Highlights include two jousting matches, a Puke and Snot show with a front row full of little kids, and photos of us around the faire.

Heading into the last week before the wedding, I am cracking down on the sewing and other projects that need to be done in time. They are still all Secret so there won't be any photos until afterward, but suffice it to say I bought a leather thimble to give my right index finger a break and tomorrow I'll be laying paver stones.
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