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Meme: ten questions about birthdays.

1. Describe YOUR favorite dessert with which to celebrate your natal day.
Something creamy, since I'm more about texture than flavor since that bout of no sense of smell. I'm thinking about trying the Irish cream apple cake recipe I spotted in Vogon's recipe binder for this year.

2. Candles or no candles? If so, how many: the full amount, or a token few?
No candles. Sparklers might be fun if I was in the right frame of mind, though.

3. Ice cream too? What kind?
Does a bear sh*t in the woods? I'm not particularly picky, although vanilla or cinnamon goes best with cake. For eating straight, I prefer adzuki bean.

4. Noisemakers and silly hats? Fun or just infantile?
They're fine for the midget, but they don't do anything for me. I'd rather have a chicken potato burrito. (It's my third night in Taco Bueno withdrawal. Send help.)

5. Champagne (or similar) toast?
That would make me extremely uncomfortable.

6. Center of attention or subtle acknowledgment?
In between, closer to subtlety. Being the center of attention is exquisite torture for me but I think I'd like to have one non-kid birthday where something nice happens.

7. Balloons?
Mylar is okay, but I'm allergic to latex. They're really more fun for Laurel than for me, though. I'd be more touched by a chunk of good smoked gouda or oatmeal cookies.

8. The coolest themed party you recall in your experience?
An animal-themed birthday party I worked where they brought in a traveling petting zoo and a pony cart. Even though I was face-painting almost the entire event, I thougt about how much fun an animal birthday party with live animals would be.

9. Which birthdays should be celebrated (big ones, or EVERY one?)
Every one, for little kids. After hitting adolescence, I think it depends on the person. I haven't really celebrated a birthday since turning 11, though my sister took me out for drinks after I turned 21 and it was okay.

10. So, when IS your birthday?
9 August 1980. Offhand, I share it with tinder (aka my evil twin), digitalusrex, caffeinediary and greenisgood. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, so feel free to thwap me and point it out.
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