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Relationship-ish stuff: draft of visitation agreement for 27JUL-6AUG2004.

The DFW-DEN flight was uneventful beyond free in-seat TV programming and Laurel peeing through her Pull-Up. (I changed her pre-boarding, it apparently wasn't enough!). She's been with me at my parents' since and happy as a bug.

Himself called this morning wanting to get her for the entire two weeks, minus the wedding. I held my ground and said no visitation without a signed agreement (for legal cover if he tries to take off with her) and was silent every time he said something I shouldn't dignify with a response -- go me. He'll be coming up in the morning for us to have the agreement notarized in lieu of a lawyer; the following is my best attempt at composing an agreement and is posted mostly for vogonpoet and any other interested parties to suggest changes to prior to me printing it off in the morning. If you think something is so urgent you should contact me before I hop online in the morning, call my cell phone at 720-480-2396.

Visitation Agreement

[oddharmonic] ("Custodian"), the current full custodial parent of [midget] ("Child"), agrees with [Himself] ("Non-Custodial Parent") to a period of non-supervised visitation between the Child and Non-Custodial Parent beginning 27 July 2004 and ending 6 August 2004.

1. The parties agree that the Non-Custodial Parent will be responsible for transporting the Child to and from the Child's maternal grandparents' home, located at [street address, city, state, ZIP code], and return the Child no later than 2:00 PM on 6 August 2004.

2. The parties acknowledge that failure by the Non-Custodial Parent to return the Child by the agreed time or notify the Custodian that return will be delayed due to extenuating circumstances will result in the Custodian notifying appropriate law enforcement agencies to locate the Child and return her to the Custodian.

3. The Non-Custodial Parent acknowledges that failure to return the Child at the agreed time, or in an expedient manner if delayed, will affect future decisions relating to the Child's custody agreement.

4. Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as an obligation or a duty on the part of the Non-Custodial Parent to accept custody of the Child at the time or for the period indicated. The intention of the parties is that the Non-Custodial Parent's right of visitation shall be entirely optional to Non-Custodial Parent, and should the Non-Custodial Parent so desire, Non-Custodial Parent may waive the privilege of visitation on any occasion and for any reason, without waiving Non-Custodial Parent's right to future visits.

________________________________________ Date: ______________
Signature of Non-Custodial Parent

Non-Custodial Parent's Printed or Typed Name

________________________________________ Date: ______________
Signature of Custodian

Custodian's Printed or Typed Name
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