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Finger joint pain and sewing ramblings.

I've been having intermittent pain in the joint furthest from the knuckle on my right index finger and figured it was mild overuse since it tends to hurt if I spend too much time doing any activity that uses a writing or stitching type of grip. It's gotten worse over the past month or so and I've been perplexed why it felt like there was a chip or spur in the joint until reading a friend's post this morning about an injury requiring they wear a finger splint and it hit me -- it's the joint that got crushed at daycare when I was four. Duh. I should hit Google sometime later and see what I can find to try since all my natural health books are packed in Colorado.

In the meanwhile, I might be going on a sewing binge. Last night I finished the tote bags for Laurel's toys, each with appliqued sundresses on one side and a plaid pocket on the other. (Now that I've tried HeatnBond Lite, I definitely prefer Steam-A-Seam 2.) Laurel is tickled that each bag has a sundress that matches one of hers. We'll see how they do for picking up her toys at the end of the day.

I'm getting a late start on making a dress to wear to my sister's wedding, but if I don't get it finished here, I can pack the work in progress and finish it later since my sewing machine's at my parents' house. Still waffling on the fabric, too -- it's a tossup between a sage green floral (light and satiny, it'd go into a mandarin-collar dress) and an allover monarch butterfly-wing print (cotton, it'd probably become a simpler-lined sundress). And of course, I'm making more a-line sundresses for Laurel since she loves them and they're easy to make.
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