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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Dead fridge, Jake, gaming, and a rainy day with the boys.

Why you haven't seen me around lately, in roughly chronological order...


The refrigerator compressor quit and while waiting for the landlord to get back to us on it (large appliances are included in our rent), we lost everything in the freezer and the milk. I was not a happy camper without sufficient protein and milk.


George the landlord brought over a new-used fridge to replace our dead one. Due to unfortunate timing, this happened about ten minutes after I finished showering and the living room was a mess of Laurel's books, so George made Disapproving Faces at us all. (This is the same person who told Himself it's dangerous for women to have ideas, so I didn't take it personally.)

By late afternoon, Himself decided to go to Raleigh with Jake and forgot to leave the carseat here so I could go have coq au vin made by kenwestervelt. I cleaned the main living area, managed to get Laurel to nap, and he returned with the latest issue of HellCar, which everyone should demand. (The included CD has great tracks on it as always. I [heart] Bowling for Soup's "Girl All the Bad Guys Want".)

He also returned with Jake, who crashed on the couch after a long, strange conversation with me about the relative benefits of my going back on meds. I'm still on the fence since I don't trust Tricare with our year-to-date paperwork snafus thanks to them -- so far, a disputed ER bill for Laurel in April, no chance at ever getting her eye looked at in Colorado, and the situation with Himself's arm, which we're getting calls from the clinic in Kinston Tricare made him get his arm set at since Tricare hasn't paid.


We ran Jake back to his room after he woke up and did groceries -- odd between paychecks, but we had to replace at least the frozen goods and milk we lost due to fridge failure.

By the time we returned, Jose had called several times asking when we were going to game so we got to try getting ahold of Jake (who turns the ringer on his cell off when he sleeps). After much fuss, we got things in order and Jake offered to help with gaming dinner this week -- I made rolls and mashed potatoes while he brought steak and canned veggies (peas and corn, which he promptly mixed and salted heavily). Aside from being disturbed by Jake's insistence that his steak be done to shoeleather consistency, dinner was lovely.

No Adrienne again this week; things are getting really hairy as a result of that and Ricardo's (Jose's character) impulsiveness. The Prince of our initial city was about to lay some hurt on us, but we were smuggled overseas to further Ricardo's destiny as an Assamite. Aside from a minor incident during a layover in Taiwan (note to self: next time, bring explosives), we are now considered assistants to Ricardo and will be heading out from Mongolia to do whatever it is the Assamites want him to do. He has a neato artifact (Hakim's Tooth, some kind of blessed sword), we have rings that makr us as in the favor of the Assamites (perhaps to make up for them considering us his subordinates), and things are about to get very interesting. I am not looking forward to dealing with the effects of The Keening (-2 to the dice pool) while we are in the Lands of Faith, but as long as we don't get too close to the Middle East we should be okay.

After gaming, the boys decided to watch bad kung fu -- The Street Fighter (1974) -- at volumes I didn't like so I went to bed and Himself ran them home post-movie. And Jose still forgot his paperwork here!


Slept in Monday and woke up to find kenwestervelt in the living room and wanting to get this week's Johnny the Ball scanned so he could drop the lines onto it. He also left me his pants *chuckles* so I can put a new button at the top of the fly.

The morning was wet and rainy, but shortly after Ken arrived, we were giggling at the latest self-portrait an AOL friend of a friend had shared (all of them have awful flash washout) when BAM! we got a massive wind gust and we lost power. Turned the TV on when the power returned a minute later and found we were under a tornado warning and a string of fast-moving storms was heading eastward and directly over our head after that first big gust. It was strange after that, but we were spared anything that would have required us to take cover in the ditch in the backyard (well, it separates the backyard from dense brushy woods, but it's only about 25' from the back door). Dark and rainy day...

The boys spent the afternoon playing Heroes 3, so I didn't get the chance to get online until late-late, by which time I was too tired to post. After dinner and such, Laurel got a much-needed bath and finally got the hang of tipping her head back for optimal hair-washing goodness. Now if I could just get the potty-training mojo going...

And there you go. If I had the energy, I'd start writing up our game's storyline to amuse those of you that are interested, but that'll have to wait until later this week. If I get really inspired, I'll do some character sketches so you can giggle at what a motley group we are.
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