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*sings* The circus, the circus, the circus!

I was hoping to go see Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus with friends who have a son Laurel's age (and one older, if you're counting *g*) when they came through Dallas this year, but their stop here is squarely during the time Laurel and I will be in Colorado. On the bright side, it's the 133rd Edition show, which we saw last year in Denver so I'm not too heartbroken about it.

Even brighter, this is the first year Ringling is running a Hometown Edition one-ring show to hit cities it hasn't before or hasn't in a long time. It's stopping in Beaumont the weekend of 20-22 August, which could work with Vogon's plans for a weekend trip to the beach since Laurel's never seen one. (Yes, I know she could have when we lived in North Carolina, but we never headed any further east than Greenville.)

If we go, brace yourself for an onslaught of pictures and Phone Posts from yours truly because the only thing I love more than the circus is something I can't say in mixed company. (;
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