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Last Cigarette: I don't smoke, so it'd have to be secondhand smoke at Lizard Lounge last weekend.
Last Alcoholic Drink: a sip of beaujolais this past weekend.
Last Car Ride: Saturday, running errands.
Last Kiss: earlier this morning.
Last Good Cry: probably the week before last. I get overemotional when I'm PMSing.
Last Library Book: A bunch of children's books for Laurel in March.
Last book bought: no idea offhand, but the last book that came in the mail was Infinite Jest.
Last Book Read: Mayonnaise and the Origin of Life: Thoughts of Minds and Molecules.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: The Story of the Weeping Camel.
Last Movie Rented: last week's batch -- 50 First Dates, Badder Santa, Brother Bear, Cold Mountain, and something else I can't remember.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Hell, as in "Why the hell did you do that?". It's one of my last holdouts in not cursing aloud.
Last Beverage Drank: Ice water.
Last Food Consumed: a handful of mini frosted shredded wheat, dry.
Last Crush: I'm still having one.
Last Phone Call: Vogon's mother, Saturday night.
Last TV Show Watched: part of a rerun of Crossing Jordan.
Last Time Showered: Yesterday.
Last Shoes Worn: Teva sandals, Saturday.
Last CD Played: Pennsylvania Six-5000, Best of the Wurst
Last Item Bought: Probably a superball or cloth. (:
Last Download: The conversion-to-one-button mouse driver from KidzMouse.
Last Annoyance: Laurel not changing her Pull-Up when told first thing after waking up.
Last Disappointment: I try not to keep track of those.
Last Soda Drank: Dr Pepper, at lunch on Friday.
Last Thing Written: A letter.
Last Key Used: No idea. I haven't had housekeys since 2001 and I don't drive.
Last Words Spoken: "Stop playing with the pressure cooker, it's not a toy."
Last Sleep: Earlier today, enough to be considered a night's sleep.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: a strawberry/blueberry swirl fruit juice popsicle last night.
Last Chair Sat In: Vogon's desk chair in the study, last night while watching the aforementioned TV show.
Last Webpage Visited: www.sciam.com, to read the articles from today's updates to the LJ syndicated feed for the site (sciam).


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