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Surreal day, lunch at Mama Fu's, lovey kitty and homemade jalapeño poppers.

I think today officially counts as surreal. I woke up with the same combination of shoulder tension/right temple headache I went to sleep with minus the sinus pain (last night's Tavist helped). Took two naproxen to beat the remaining pain, then a Tavist an hour later because the sinus pain came back. (Unless I mention otherwise, I use SinoFresh first thing every morning and during the day as needed; most days I get by with just the morning spray.) Took a ketoprofen two hours after the naproxen since the pain hadn't subsided any and it kicked in during lunch, which was nice since I went in not hungry and wound up eating a large order of potstickers. Vogon noticed before I did when the ketoprofen kicked in -- he looked closely at me and said, "What happened?", then nodded after I said my head quit hurting.

Speaking of lunch, today was my first time at Mama Fu's. Tried a little ahi tuna crusted with black and white sesame seeds -- my goodness, I could live on that. Vogon convinced Laurel to use a booster seat and she ate almost half a kids' dish (chicken lo mein) and two cups of orange soda as well as trying one of my potstickers. I wasn't wild about the noise level inside, but I giggled at a shirt I saw on someone that said "State Farm Catastrophe Team" and commented to Vogon that the police officers we saw in shorts would freeze their leg hair off in Colorado.

I was in the middle of a poky warm afternoon when my cell phone rang. 90% of my cell phone time is spent on family (Mom, Dad, Amy), karaksindru and vogonpoet and I knew Vogon was in the other room, so I was curious to see who it was. Turns out mountain_hiker was having the oil in his car changed and wanted to tell me it was raining buckets in CoSpgs. I told him not to float away and we BSed for awhile, which was fun. We should have lunch when I'm in Colorado later this month.

Laurel did her usual water table/chalking routine outside and objected when I told her that she couldn't put on a fresh dress after soaking the one she had on, but it's almost dry now and she's calming down after a tantrum. (Vogon sat her down and had a Talk because this is the second day running she's been unreasonably mean to the cat. We do not pick on things smaller than ourselves with little defense.)

Biko was so lovey today that she sat on my lap -- a big deal since the only other people whose laps she'll sit on are Vogon's and Vogon's mother's. Much more to say on that but it's escaping my brain at the moment.

Even stranger, I'm craving the jalapeño poppers we made last night. Despite having no little cream cheese in the filling, they're so yummy I keep thinking about them.
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