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Himself's arm is healing nicely and he's nearly back to 100%, although he has occasional twinges and I have to remind him to take it easy on his arm. Thank goodness most of the fracture was in the cartilage cap.

Gaming this weekend was great although Adrienne wasn't able to make it. It was interesting to go forward without her -- an Assamite with drug connections (Jose), a Gangrel college professor (Jake), and a Nos contracted to the Camarilla for architectural work (me) make a decent working team but we have little charisma and no Subterfuge between us so we are now in deep sh*t with the local Prince. As for my food... the carnitas and refritos were great, but my ability to make tortillas from scratch is lacking. (Got the dough right, but not the thickness.)

Today we failed at finding a driver's side mirror for the car (of the two junkyards in town with an Isuzu Stylus in the yard, one already had its doors off and the other was MIA), got pulled over and given a warning for speeding (we think the state bear liked our pro-gun bumper stickers), I voted (Dole, because she's better-looking and the lesser of two evils), and the one-hour tire installation at Sam's Club took two and a half.

That said, Harvey Rosa deserves massive props for finding three salvaged side mirrors for us within a reasonable drive (two in Middlesex, one in Durham) within half an hour of my calling Dad asking for advice. With that and new tires, we'll pass inspection by Friday and the car will be clear and legal once again.

And Laurel says (when awake): "Commercial!", "Mikey Mikey Mikey," and "Wiggles?".


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Nov. 5th, 2002 11:39 pm (UTC)
Some day when you're feeling you've time and nothing better to do, I'd love to read what your typical campaign is like. My only experience with Vampire, was deciding that I hated the rule system, stealing the genre, and retrofitting it over Cyberpunk, which has a much meaner damage-doling system.

I'd love to hear the storyline of your campaign some day.
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