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Miscellaneous rambling: been sick, Laurel, lunch at Uncle Julio's, photographer plug, and Oakenfold.

I've been posting (and commenting) less the past week or two first because I've been feeling under the weather. For the curious, I've had an infection for a few weeks (nothing serious, mostly an energy drain until my immune system beats it down) and my knees are acting up. The latter is my fault for kneeling a lot this week even though I know it aggravates patellar subluxation. I guess it's time to start using a support regularly -- leaning towards a Cho-Pat knee strap, though I'm undecided between the original and dual action models.

Laurel keeps asking when we're going to see [insert name of Colorado relative here] and doesn't like it when I say "in a few weeks", but it's a good reminder that I have to call Himself and work out when he'd like to keep her overnight when we're visiting.

We had lunch today at Uncle Julio's and Laurel ate more chips and queso than her meal (bean and cheese nachos), though I have to say their lunch plates are lovely. She really dug having pineapple juice to drink, too. (:

Vogon's coworker that we met up with at KaboomTown sent over a CD of photos he took there so I now have a couple of photos with Vogon, Laurel and I in the same frame. His real strength is with kids, so I have some adorable photos of Laurel that prints of would probably fill Grandma Dorothy's desire for a nice 8x10" of Laurel. If you're in the Dallas area, I recommend him -- JustHaveFun Photography.

Oakenfold on Saturday. Trying to not think too much about it since there's a bunch of things involved that make me anxious (people, volume level, socializing) but I think it would mean a lot to Vogon if I went since he said he missed me when he went to see Sneaker Pimps last month.
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