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Photos: the weekend in brief.

We kept Laurel's birthday on Friday low-key since she'll have parties with both sides of the family when we're in Colorado later this month. On Saturday, we drove way out north to acquire fireworks and indulged in limited-edition strawberries and cream Hershey's Kisses. We headed down to KaboomTown after dinner and met up with a coworker of Vogon's and his family before watching the fireworks from a grassy spot near their work. We spent what felt like forever in traffic as our normally five-minute drive stretched into half an hour, but car-dancing to KDL made the wait fun. We spent a lazy Sunday waiting for it to get dark so we could play with sparklers and morning glories on the patio, then our downstairs neighbor invited us down to hang out with them for awhile so we took 'em down there and schmoozed for awhile.

KaboomTown finale
3 July: part of the KaboomTown finale. Forgive the blurriness, I was shooting in auto mode with no flash.

Laurel clapping
3 July: Laurel loved the show and clapped at the end, then asked for more. The Lilly Pulitzer dress was my birthday gift to her.

Laurel and Vogon with sparklers
4 July: vogonpoet showed Laurel the correct way to hold morning glories and sparklers and stayed right with her to alleviate my nervousness about letting her hold one on her own; here they're on the patio before we went downstairs.

If that wasn't enough fun, next weekend is Oakenfold at Lizard Lounge. Guess whose skirt will be debuting then? (;
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