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Preparing photos and another food addiction -- Blue Bell ice cream.

Laurel is down for a nap because she's been mean to Biko repeatedly today; checking on her every few minutes until she fell asleep prevented unintended messes. So did wearing my big barrette that she's prone to hiding. *wry grin*

This afternoon, I'm labeling the photos I took over the past month before I pick the 30 or so best ones for upload and maybe a separate set of the best from last weekend's aquarium visit.

I've been following the online tours on the Dallas World Aquarium website to find proper names for the animals I photographed and am tickled pink at how well some of the photos of the giant river otters came out. Overall the photos were more miss than hit because I shot sans flash to minimize glare and the FinePix takes a longer exposure to compensate, but I got a few really nice shots where I could get up against the glass or framed the shot well. All the freshwater stingrays that swam over helped too. (:

vogonpoet surprised me with a cup of Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream when he dropped by to get his spare sandals this afternoon. Add that to the list of addictive foods he's introduced me to...
Tags: 641_food, 779_photographs, 976.42812_dallas, administratrivia, laurel, vogonpoet

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