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Casa Navarro, Hancock Fabrics and crafty musing, and big pickles.

Casa Navarro is muy tasty. (Despite the Tex-Mex label, their beans are as good as my grandmother's.) We joined a few of Vogon's coworkers there for lunch and Laurel behaved very well, though she repeated her current habit of inhaling the beans and rice, leaving the main dish to take home and eat later in the afternoon.

We stopped by the nearby Hancock Fabrics afterward to pick up some felt to make animal finger puppets. Photos to come, I'm winging them from memory of a pattern Mom made finger puppets from when I was a little burrito. I spotted a reel of 1" wide Aida with finished edges (shallow knit scallops) in a clearance basket for $3, but when we checked out the cashier said it wasn't on sale -- despite where we found it and the stamp they use to mark sale/clearance items, so we passed on it. If our neighborhood Hancock has some next time we check out the sale stuff, I'll pick it up. It's stamped with a nursery-style farm animal print on one side, but it's a nice solid white on the other and looks finished from either side.

This afternoon's other potential project is finding the spankies (underwear covers) portion of a costume pattern we have to make a few pairs to match the a-line sundresses. It may take awhile to teach Laurel to not pull her skirt up every time she sits down. (:

Another funny from the week so far: Laurel likes to ask Vogon for pickles almost immediately after he gets home in the afternoon. After setting the container on the counter to get a pickle for her on Monday, he asked her "Do you want a big or little pickle?". She replied "A big one!", to which he wittily replied, "Just like her mother, eh?".
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