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Misc.: Orkut, Gmail, Phone Post transcription and Gallery/needlework musings.

Things that fell out of my head...

Orkut: if you're on Orkut and haven't added me to your network of friends, please do. I made a halfass attempt to find you guys and only succeeded in finding redqueenofevil, solcita and celendis. (Siannan was my first since she promised me seventy-two virgins invited me.) If you want an invitation, let me know what e-mail address to send it to.

Gmail: I've got six invites. One of them could be yours if you're one of the first six next four people to e-mail me with a first name, last name and existing e-mail address to send the invite to.

LJ Phone Posts: apparently I'm a decent transcriber. If you want me to do yours, point me at 'em or e-mail the .ogg files to oddharmonic [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll reply with a transcription for you to post. It's good practice to keep my skills sharp.

Gallery: thanks to the ease of getting images organized with it, I've got most of the needlework I've finished in the last few years photographed and up (latest addition: the finished Seahorses needlepoint pillow). There are a few finished pieces I need to track down when we're in Colorado next month, but I'm wondering whether to include work-in-progress (WIP) pictures of the projects I'm currently working on. All of my current WIPs are *big* projects in various states of completion (New World Discovery is 12x16" and only needs a few colors of half-stitches and all of the French knots and backstitching to be complete, The Wedding is 14.25x18.75" and I'm going to be stitching like mad if I intend to finish it by August, and the wolves piece that's been in limbo for years is also 12x16" or so), so I feel like I'm holding back from showing everything I could in the gallery album since New World Discovery is so complete.
Tags: 004_computers, 746.4_needlework, administratrivia

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