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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

PSA, ranting about gaming and smokers.

Public Service Announcement: kenwestervelt will arrive back here a day later than expected. He'll be sleeping afterward, so give him a few days to get back on his regular schedule. Yes, that means I'm making him blueberry muffins sometime this week. (:

Gaming is tentatively planned for Sunday night, any cookie suggestions welcome. Right now I'm torn between trying something with the cinnamon chips I scored on sale (usually I use them in an applesauce coffeecake, recipe on the wrapper) and classic chocolate chip, which is Jake's favorite.

For those of you this is relevant to, especially Jose, dinner will be beaner (just like me! *g*): carnitas, refritos (simmering on the oven now) and various condiments, all in homemade flour tortillas (bring your own masa if you want corn tortillas). I'd like to make posole for a future dinner, but want to get a bead on what y'all eat first before I ask red or white.

Since we don't mind doing groceries on payday, we did our monthly major grocery shopping yesterday. During the course of the day (trying to ignore the fact that Himself decided we should kill two hours in the mall while the car was being worked on), we picked up the strategy guide to GTA: Vice City (we redeemed the end of our trade-in credit at Phatboy's for the game), found shaving soap at Home Bazaar, and picked up a second modem at Sam's Club.

Laurel got her little legs walked off since she eschews using a stroller, but now thinks she's hot stuff because we bought a bag of neat mutant superballs at the dollar store. I'll take a pic of one once I find the old digital camera -- they look like clusters of smaller balls and go off all over when you bounce them off something.

We had our one dinner out for the month at Brooklyn Pizzeria, which I now regret. At least at Sonic we can roll up our windows to keep the smoke out... We purposely went at an off hour to minimize the chance of running into a smoker (I've been unable to find any non-smoking restaurants here other than fast food) and then sat as far as possible from the table with a huge ashtray on it. As luck would have it, two teens came in with an adult woman and after sitting down at the table across from us, the woman lit up a cigarette and proceeded to walk all the way down the dining area to get that damn ashtray.

Himself's so well-trained he got my meds out of my purse while I concentrated on breathing (you would too if your airway closed up in response to smoke exposure) and after dosing, I was just mildly wheezy and watery-eyed. Himself asked a few minutes later how I was doing and if we should leave, but since our food had just arrived and we were there first, I was wavering. The smoker and the teens made quite a few unfunny remarks about how some people are oversensitive while I silently hoped that woman figures out someday she'll be the oversensitive one when she reaps the health "benefits" from smoking. One of these days I'm going to start telling people off, because I felt awful later for tolerating such stupidity and enabling my own health to get worse.

That said, I really don't want to give up going out for dinner once a month but as long as we're living in this ashtray of a state I'm not sure where we can eat closer than Raleigh that's non-smoking. Any suggestions are welcome. All the clothing we wore out has been washed and we've all showered (Laurel bathed) and my throat and ears still hurt.
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