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Jessica Simpson is dim, or fun with math.

One of the amusing things about living with a math geek is when they correct ads. Every time vogonpoet sees the Pizza Hut Four4All commercial with that vapid bint Jessica Simpson, he points out that the number of possible combinations she states ("over six million") is way off.

Assuming no limit on toppings per pizza, it's actually 1,124,000,727,777,607,680,000. There's a limit of four toppings per pizza, so it's closer to 3.6 trillion possible combinations. Real close to six million, eh?

Vogon adds "She's a Kelso [from That 70's Show]".

And for the mathematically inclined, check out the post titled "The Waffle House is bad at combinatorics."
Tags: 817_humor, vogonpoet

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