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Rambling about cloth and Laurel's favorite new word, 'stinky'.

Some days I don't like being right. Liquor tastes like ass to me (not mountain_hiker, but like generic NyQuil), yet 99 Blackberries, a fourth bitchwort and a 5-HTP are what got me to sleep last night without waking anyone up whimpering like when my cramps were this bad last summer. I'm starting to wonder if it's an annual thing. Bleh.

In cloth-related news, we finished off the bolt of fusible interfacing we bought several weeks ago to reinforce frequently-used patterns, so we bought another. For the record, Laurel's sundress pattern got the end of the first bolt. Also picked up some miscellaneous dollar amusements in the clearance bin, including a pair of folding scissors, overall buckle hardware, swimsuit bra hooks (planned to make adjustable-length straps for the eyelet sundress I'm making) and the last bottle of fabric stiffener. Aside from all the obvious uses most crafters would have for fabric stiffener/draper, I plan to use some of it to make cloth origami. (:

I spaced mentioning last night that I got several cuts of cloth washed (to get the sizing out) and ironed in anticipation of cutting out several dresses for Laurel and a few for me. I don't like ironing clothes as much as I used to, but I love ironing cloth. While I was ironing, Vogon figured out that I'm not crafting as much as I usually do because I'm so used to sewing or whathaveyou with Mom. Guess that means it's time to get Laurel something to do alongside me.

Laurel's favorite word this week is stinky. Common usage includes "I love you, you stinky cat" (to Biko), "put your stinky sandals on right now!" (to me), "I want more stinky [food item]" and "I hate your stinky guts!" (from Little Rascals, which is where she picked up the word).
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