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Two lunches and a dessert, travel plans, more sewing plans.

It seems I'm on a chicken kick lately. I've mentioned before that I'm shamelessly addicted to Taco Bueno's chicken potato burrito, but I've been ordering chicken dishes at lunch consistently lately. On Friday, I had stuffed chicken breast medallions at Abuelo's. (Auntie, you would love the barely-cloudy sky painted on the gently domed ceiling over the center courtyard dining area!) I can finally say I've found a dish I really like chorizo in thanks to to that. Today I had Monterey Jack Chicken at Tin Star... okay, let's amend my kick to chicken and poblano dishes. (:

I wonder if we've been watching too much Dora the Explorer lately. Laurel dropped the children's placemat she'd colored while we were walking out to the car after lunch, but none of us noticed it until she started yelling "Mappy!" while being buckled in. I thought she wanted a napkin and handed her one, but she put it down and repeated "Mappy!" several times and misbehaved in frustration. We finally figured out what she meant, but we didn't have time to go back and look through the parking lot so I promised to print her a Make Your Own Map when we got home.

On the way home, we passed a Maggie Moo's and were sorely tempted. If only we'd had the time, but we decided we'll make time for it later this week. Mmm, ice cream... maybe we should get Laurel an ice cream cake for her birthday.

Finally booked travel for Amy's wedding. For the curious, we'll be flying into Denver on 25 July and returning to Dallas on 8 August. Yes, that means I won't be in Colorado for my birthday or the all-classes reunion before the D'Evelyn Dash, but I'm fairly sure no one will die of a broken heart because I won't be at the reunion. Anyone who wants to see me can drop me a line and we'll schedule something. So far I'm booked for 6-7 August (the rehearsal dinner and wedding) and an as yet unscheduled night when I'll be making pancakes for breakfast at jaehop to use the boysenberry jam we gave Karak for his birthday. (:

In sewing news, we bought cloth this weekend. On Saturday we scoured the markdown fabric at Wal-Mart and picked up a few patterns, including a a nice sundress pattern for me, and on Sunday we hit Hancock for interfacing and tote bag handles (currently have a bunch of bamboo ones, but I want some of the soft webbing Mom uses) and Fabric Yard in Addison to drool over their selection. We picked up some neat remnants there, including an adorable piece of lilac eyelet that will make the sweetest sundress I've ever worn, but I want to go back sometime without Laurel so I can absorb all of their inventory. (: This week's non-deadline crafting (Karak's Jet costume and Amy's wedding needlework are deadlined, everything else is not) will be a couple quickie sundresses for Laurel -- stack-and-whack, serge and finish. I appreciate Mom's serger in a whole new way now that I've experienced how much quicker it makes clothing assembly. w00t!
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