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Photo: Laurel holding a box of animal crackers -- with her mouth.

After a big lunch at Abuelo's, we weren't too hungry at dinnertime so we went grocery shopping. Laurel behaved exceptionally well, moreso after she helped pick out her snacks and juice. She spotted the Barnum's Animals crackers in the cookie/cracker aisle and asked, so she held them all through the trip and waited very anxiously while they were waiting be checked out. The bagger gave them to her as soon as they were checked and she hugged them to her, them held the box handle in her teeth -- all the way to the car. I took several photos for posterity, but the one behind the cut is the best.

Laurel holding a box of Barnum's animal crackers with her mouth, 11 June 2004.
Tags: 305.23_children, 640.73_shopping, 641_food, 779_photographs, laurel

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