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Laurel's crossed eyes much better, miscellany and request for tins.

After yesterday's poopfest, I do have good news about Laurel. Her eyes are noticeably less crossed, so now she rarely looks cross-eyed in photos and is coloring in the lines _without_ wearing an eyepatch. She's doing fine detail coloring, too -- today at lunch she very carefully colored a boat oar with a handle barely the width of a pencil and proudly showed it to us.

A colorful incentive has helped her sit on the potty -- a sand/water wheel from my family. It's sitting on the counter facing the living room so she can see it from anywhere in the kitchen, living room or dining room. I'll report later on how well it helps her.

I'm making headway on tidying the nerdsprout's bathroom and bedroom so the former will be presentable and the latter will be tidy enough to tuck Laurel into bed in while nerdsprout's away. Fear my leet organization skills.

In other news, I am in search of empty mint tins, preferably about the size of those used for Altoids, Penguins, Zingos and the like, but larger, smaller or round are fine too. If you've got empty tins sitting around you'd like to send to a good home instead of throwing away, drop me an e-mail and I'll give you a mailing address to send them to. Danke.

edit 1900: Dad e-mailed me to remind me KBCO's annual Studio C cover contest is open. I'm still angry that Clear Channel bought them, but... *sigh* It's BCO and I have nothing to lose except the cost of shipping an entry to Boulder. Must convince myself again that I can draw.
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