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Meme: food association with LJ friends.

Here's what you do: go to your user info and check out your friend of list. Select no less than 10, no more than 30, people and make a list of them. Next to each name put the food that this person reminds you of. This probably would work best with people you've actually met but that's up to you. And, of course, post the results in your own journal.

My list:

mountain_hiker: peanuts! *ducks* Seriously, vanilla rum.
auntiesiannan: Dove Truffle Eggs.
cathouse_blues: Cheesecake.
dahunk2003: vetiver and lemongrass.
denmarkadonis: anything prepared tableside. (:
dreamsofxion: caffeine in general and blue frosting on cakes.
ekdogg: coffee. Served by a redhead.
erinbish: creme brulee.
greeneyed_devil: red meat.
iconoplast: artichokes. (I first had them at her house and have been hooked ever since.)
karaksindru: chocolate milk and cheese fries.
oracleofdoom: Frangelico.
popcornoblivion: cherry limeade.
rainingvodka: sushi, chosen from a conveyor belt.
red_ervish: Kellogg's Low-Fat Granola, green box.
redqueenofevil: Hansen's natural sodas.
revme: lots and lots of bacon. Also Penguin caffeinated mints.
saarlander: beef yakisoba and blueberry muffins.
tinder: bacon flavored Velveeta Shells & Cheese
vogonpoet: chiles en nogada, homemade yogurt, tom kha, bubble tea... crap. I probably associate an entire market worth of foods with him, but it's all good.
Tags: 304.5_memes, 641_food

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