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Tamales, pressure canners, flowers in the kitchen and mailing status update.

We ultimately didn't see Blondie because we were tired and there was cooking distracting us. Remember the comment thread where I told vogonpoet not to tease me with tamales? He started Sunday with occasional help from me -- mostly cleaning, because I like it. There's a few dozen ready to eat (packed the steamer too tight yesterday, d'oh) and numbers I'm purposely Not Thinking About ready to assemble and steam. The finished ones are, according to Vogon, the best tamales he's ever had. If you're in the Dallas area and want some chicken and tomatillo or spinach and cheese tamales (medium spiciness by our gauge; may be spicier to you), give one of us a ring.

We're looking at pressure cooker/canners and sitting on a few on eBay; hopefully we'll have one by the end of the week. Nothing like a good All American no-gasket canner to bring back memories of my maternal grandmother. (: Actually, he has Plans for it. I'm not sure what kind of Plans, but it's important enough to capitalize. Can't go too wrong planning with someone I can carry on a good conversation about sustainable design with.

There's an arrangement with a half dozen roses in the kitchen. It's fetching and smells pretty good (I haven't met a cut rose that smells as lovely as the climbing rose we had at Shady J), but I'm still wrapping my brain around having fresh flowers in the house for no reason other than he felt like it.

Photos to my family are on their way today as I finally got off my butt and picked up a card to mail them in. Patterns and cloth to dervish are in limbo awaiting me (a) packing them into a box, (b) not buying any more cloth to overstuff said box, and (c)actually shipping it.

And before I forget, happy birthday saarlander! I hope you get lucky with the missus. (:
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