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Interesting weekend indeed; Crow Collection and Taste Addison.

I wasn't too far off with my prediction this would be an interesting weekend.

Last night, a respectable number of folks showed up for Vogon's nerdsprout's get together and the boys devoured the jalapeno-graced pizzas (veggie and chicken). Despite the collective inhalation, Laurel had two slices of pepperoni and I had two of veggie and one of pepperoni. On that note, I'm only four pounds shy of the magic number (min. req. to donate blood) and if I can get and maintain there, I will be satisfied.

After the nerdsprout woke up today, she babysat the midget so Vogon and I could go out. Lunch and peoplewatching at PF Chang's (great fun since I'd never been before) and a leisurely viewing of the Crow Collection of Asian Art later, we returned and are now preparing (midget's napping after nearly an hour to get her to sleep) to hit Taste Addison tonight (the girls want to see Blue October and we all want to see the B-52s). Blondie's tomorrow night.

In delivery-related news:
- revme's package arrived Thursday and I'm ~120 pages into The Corrections. (I agree he's too hung up on Style, but after reading Naomi Wolf earlier this week, _anything_ is better.) I may scan frames from the Tigger Movie trailer that was also in the package and I'm hoarding the back issues of The Stranger like a starving man for slow, controlled bits of goodness.
- My new cell phone (my parents upgraded the family cell plan to a GSM national plan, which entailed new phones) arrived yesterday. I guess I'm finally "with it" with its color screen and features I'll probably never use, but I'm thrilled by free minutes to other AT&T Wireless subscribers.
- Little Tikes shipped the sand and water table on Friday. I have to remember to get sand for it now, and bike hooks to hang the bike (currently on the patio) out of her reach.
- My home computer should have started its journey to me today. That's the best news I could hear right now. (:
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